• June 2020
  • Vol. 21, No. 5

Current Theme or Topic

This month's issue features National Reunification Month. Safe and timely reunification is the most desired outcome when children are placed in out-of-home care, and supportive partnerships between parents, caregivers, agencies, and other stakeholders are an integral part of strengthening the capacity of families and bringing children home. Read a message from Jerry Milner, Associate Commissioner of the Children's Bureau, about how the child welfare system should proactively seek to strengthen, support, and celebrate families and promote safe reunification. We also feature a message from David Kelly, special assistant to the Associate Commissioner, that emphasizes the importance of recognizing the need for family, especially during trying times such as these. Also included in the issue are research, publications, and tools centering on reunification for professionals and families.

  • A Reunification Month Message From Jerry Milner
    During this most unusual June, I urge all of us to reflect on just how unusual it is for a child to be separated from his or her parents and placed in the home of a well-intentioned stranger....

  • Family Is Essential
    Written by David KellyIf we learn only one lesson from the pandemic, it must be that family is essential. Not just our own family or families that look like ours do, but all families. We should...

  • Reflections on 10 Years of National Reunification Month
    Written by Mimi Laver, J.D., director of legal representation, American Bar Association Center on Children and the LawChildren should be raised by their parents. Children wish to be raised by...

  • Celebrating Reunification Starts With Understanding What Keeps Families Together
    Written by Written by Jey Rajaraman, chief counsel, Legal Services of New Jersey, Edison, NJ   Nationally, 437,283 children entered foster care in 2018. The case plan goal was reunification...

  • This Reunification Month, Let’s Commit to Parents’ Priorities for Child Welfare Reform
    Written by Rise StaffThis June, we are celebrating Reunification Month against the backdrop of COVID-19. Many in-person visits have been suspended, services have shuttered, and courts remain...

  • New Study Shows Providing Parents With Multidisciplinary Legal Representation in Child Welfare Cases Furthers Everyone's Interests
    This article was originally featured in the July/ August 2019 (Vol. 20, No. 6) issue of CBX. Written by Martin Guggenheim, Fiorello LaGuardia Professor of Clinical Law and co-director, Family...