• June 2011
  • Vol. 12, No. 5

Strategies and Tools for Practice

  • Handbook on Responding to Child Trafficking
    While human trafficking is an emerging area of concern in the United States, many child welfare agencies struggle with ensuring child trafficking victims receive the services and supports they...

  • Keeping Families Together in Supportive Housing
    A 3-year pilot program that provided supportive housing for chronically homeless families with child welfare involvement showed promising outcomes at the end of the pilot. A recent report from the...

  • Best Practices for Parent-Child Visits
    A practice brief from Partners for Our Children notes the importance of family visits for children in foster care. Research has shown that regular, frequent contact between children and parents...

  • Using Mediation to Resolve Child Dependency Cases
    The use of the mediation process as an effective means to achieve resolutions in contested child welfare cases is explored in the journal article "Give Peace a Chance: A Guide to Mediating...