• July 2007
  • Vol. 8, No. 6

Child Welfare Research

  • Immigrant Families in the Child Welfare System
    Immigrant families in Texas involved with the child welfare system are the subject of three recent issue briefs published by the Urban Institute. The briefs examine the role of placement settings...

  • Deployment Linked to Increased Child Maltreatment
    A study that compared rates of child maltreatment over time in military and nonmilitary families in Texas found that maltreatment rates in military families increased in relation to the deployment...

  • New Regulations May Impact Intercountry Adoptions
    Approximately 20,000 infants and children are adopted each year by U.S. citizens through intercountry adoptions. In recent years, the greatest numbers of these children have come from three...

  • Report Rates Legal Representation for Children
    A new publication presents an assessment of State laws that govern legal representation for children involved in the child welfare system. The report, "A Child's Right to Counsel: First Star's...