• Sept / Oct 2006
  • Vol. 7, No. 7

Child Welfare Research

  • First Child Welfare Law Specialists Certified
    The National Association of Counsel for Children (NACC) recently certified 85 attorneys as child welfare law specialists—the first attorneys in the country to receive this certification. Child...

  • Placement Stability Factors
    Chapin Hall Center for Children has released a new report, "A Study of Placement Stability in Illinois," that suggests that the average number of placements for children in foster care could be...

  • Enhancing Unmarried Couple Relationships to Improve Parenting
    Intervention programs designed to strengthen unmarried couples' relationships and to promote healthy marriage could potentially further strengthen families by increasing positive parenting for...

  • Wide-Ranging Impacts of ASFA
    The 1997 passage of the Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA) has had significant impacts on the timeliness of permanency decisions for children in foster care. Three recent research papers...