• March 2006
  • Vol. 7, No. 2

Child Welfare Research

  • Correlations Between Reentry and Reunification
    A study of the relationship between the length of time children spent in foster care and the success of reunification showed a complex correlation between the two factors. Researchers examining...

  • Instruments for Assessing Risk and Safety
    A comparison of two types of risk assessment models revealed that child welfare workers may be better able to determine the risk of neglect and abuse if they use an actuarial model rather than a...

  • Evaluating a Community Partnership Initiative
    Evaluation of a pilot project that focused on community partnerships and involvement found several positive outcomes for child welfare practice but no reduction in rates of child maltreatment....

  • Supporting Marriage to Improve Child Well-Being
    Two recent articles reflect the national focus on supporting healthy marriages in order to strengthen families and improve child well-being. Marriage and Relationship Education Programs As...