• February 2006
  • Vol. 7, No. 1

Child Welfare Research

  • Preventing Foster Teen Pregnancies
    Youth in foster care are at greater risk of teen pregnancy than other teens. A new report delves into teens' views on sex, pregnancy, and decision-making to explore why this group remains at...

  • Adoption From Foster Care: Recruitment and Interest
    A new report provides a national look at the recruitment of adoptive families for children in foster care, focusing on which demographic groups show interest in adopting, who actually takes steps...

  • Alternative Response in Minnesota
    Minnesota families who received an alternative response (AR) after being reported for child maltreatment showed more positive outcomes than those who received a traditional investigative response....

  • Child Welfare Workforce Retention
    A complex array of personal and organizational factors influence the retention of child welfare workers, according to a recent study. The most important of these factors are professional...

  • Concurrent Planning in New York State
    Caseworkers, parents, and foster parents view concurrent planning as an effective permanency strategy for children, but there is a need for more training, communication, support, and services....

  • Child Welfare Involvement Among TANF Applicants
    A recent study of Wisconsin applicants for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) found that almost two-thirds were also involved with the child welfare system. The study also examined the...