• June/July 2003
  • Vol. 4, No. 5

Child Welfare Research

  • Help for Children of Prisoners
    Between 1991 and 1999, the number of children with a parent in a Federal or State correctional facility increased by "more than 100 percent", from about 900,000 to about 2 million. The effects on...

  • Study Identifies Link Between Childhood Abuse and Drug Abuse in Adulthood
    A recent article in the journal "Pediatrics" shows a strong link between negative childhood experiences and illicit drug use later in life. Findings from the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE)...

  • CLIKS Provides Community-Level Data on Child Well-Being
    State and local data on child well-being are now available at the "click" of a button. CLIKS (County, City, Community-Level Information on Kids) provides easy access to community-level data on a...

  • Study Explores Use, Helpfulness of Post-Adoption Services
    A study of 873 adoptive parents in California found fewer than 30 percent used most post-adoption services, despite the fact that most who received services found them helpful. A "Children and...

  • Value of State "Safe Haven" Laws Debated
    In response to a number of highly publicized infant abandonments resulting in severe harm or death, at least 42 States have now passed "safe haven" laws allowing legal anonymous abandonment of...

  • GAO Reports on Child Welfare Staffing Challenges
    Difficulties recruiting and retaining qualified child welfare staff in State child welfare systems adversely affect safety and permanency outcomes for children in foster care, according to a...