• February 2003
  • Vol. 4, No. 1


  • New Regulations Proposed for Funding Faith-Based Organizations
    HHS has proposed new regulations to clarify the rights and requirements for religious organizations that use HHS funds in delivering human services. The proposed regulations, announced in...

  • New Publications for Grandparents as Caregivers
    The Children's Defense Fund offers a series of guides designed specifically for grandparents as caregivers. Their most recent guide, The Grandparent's and Other Relative Caregiver's Guide to Child...

  • Federal Tax Benefits for Resource Families
    Resource families (e.g., foster parents, adoptive parents, and kinship caregivers) are often unaware of federal tax laws that can make a big difference in their tax returns--sometimes as much as...

  • Drug-Free Communities Support Program Offers Grants for Fiscal Year 2003
    The Drug-Free Communities Support Program announced the availability of 150 grants (of up to $100,000 each) to support community coalitions working to prevent and reduce substance abuse among...