• September/October 2001
  • Vol. 2, No. 5

Strategies and Tools for Practice

  • Toolbox No. 2: Expanding the Role of Foster Parents in Achieving Permanency
    //Toolboxes for Permanency//." Dougherty, S. Child Welfare League of America, Inc., Washington, DC. 2001. 132 pp. $14.95. Paperback. Successful foster care practices are currently understood to...

  • Mentors Share Homes, Teach Life Skills to At-Risk Families
    An innovative twist on out-of-home care places not only children but also their parents in the household of a "host" family trained to provide mentoring and support. "Shared Family Care,"...

  • Foster Parent Recruitment Aimed at Latino Families in Utah
    "Amor eterno" or "eternal love" is the message being broadcast on televisions throughout Utah in an effort to recruit more Latino foster families. In the past decade, Utah's Latino population...

  • Article Highlights Foster Programs That Keeps Siblings Together
    In "Connect for Kids", an electronic newsletter and website sponsored by the Benton Foundation, Julee Newberger writes about a program that helps siblings in foster care stay together. Older...

  • Vermont Prevents Child Sexual Abuse by Targeting Adults
    Following a model pioneered by public health, a program in Vermont called Stop It Now! aims to prevent child sexual abuse by targeting its message to adults, including sexual abusers themselves. ...