• June 2017
  • Vol. 18, No. 4

Spotlight on Reunification

This month's CBX spotlight features articles on how families struggling with parental substance use can increase their odds of reunification with the help of recovery coaches, a webinar that looks at how to develop and implement parent partner programs that support reunification, and an article that reports on a study about whether foster home licensing has an impact on the odds of reunification.

  • Recovery Coaches and Reunification Odds for Families Battling Substance Use
    According to a recent study, families whose children have been removed from the home due to parental substance use are nearly twice as likely to achieve stable reunification when working with a...

  • Webinar Looks at Implementation of Parent Partner Programs to Support Reunification
    Parent partner mentoring programs that help families navigate the child welfare system through peer-to-peer supports are a key component of successful family reunification efforts. A recent...

  • Foster Home Licensing and the Probability of Family Reunification
    Reunification is the priority for all state child welfare systems. In the Child Abuse & Neglect article "Foster Home Placements and the Probability of Family Reunification: Does Licensing...

  • A Randomized Control Trial of Recovery Coaches in Foster Care
    Substance use disorders can profoundly affect child welfare outcomes, as parental use of drugs and alcohol can increase the risk of child maltreatment as well as hinder efforts at permanency and...