• December 2015
  • Vol. 16, No. 9

Child Welfare Research

This month, CBX features a two-volume special issue of the Child Welfare journal dedicated to families in child welfare affected by substance use, a report on the importance of using baseline equivalence in measuring a program's effectiveness, and more.

  • Journal Issue Focuses on Child Welfare and Substance Use
    In October 2015, the Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) released a two-volume special issue of Child Welfare dedicated to families in child welfare affected by substance use. Article topics...

  • Using Baseline Equivalence to Measure Program Effectiveness
    Programs for children and families have a vested interest in demonstrating the effectiveness of their services. In order to do this, researchers conducting program evaluation must show that an...

  • Annual Report Highlights Global Family Health Indicators
    Child Trends recently released the new World Family Map report, which monitors the global health of the family by tracking 16 indicators in 32 countries. The annual report shares data on these...

  • Disparities in Access to Postadoption Services
    Research has shown that in families that receive postadoption services, children who were adopted from foster care are more likely to thrive and adoption disruption or dissolution is less likely...