• September/October 2015
  • Vol. 16, No. 7

Spotlight on Back to School

A new school year is beginning, and with it come new opportunities for child welfare professionals to support the academic goals and success of the children and youth they serve. This month, CBX features resources to help improve educational stability, services, and outcomes for children and youth involved with child welfare.

  • Improving Educational Outcomes: Federal, State, and Local Efforts
    A new school year is beginning, and with it come new opportunities for children and youth to learn, grow, and work toward a bright future. Each year also brings new opportunities for child welfare...

  • Toward Educational Stability for Youth in Care
    A September 2014 report discusses the Annie E. Casey Foundation's efforts to improve educational stability and outcomes for youth in foster care between 2008 (when the Fostering Connections to...

  • California's Efforts to Support Academic Success
    Children and youth in foster care may need extra supports and services to help them achieve academic success, and many States are working to increase those available supports. Two recent...

  • Pathways to College for Youth in Foster Care
    The John Burton Foundation for Children Without Homes and California College Pathways partnered to produce a report aimed at identifying the specific policies and practices that can help mitigate...

  • Services for Improving Youth's Educational, Employment Outcomes
    A recent article in the journal Child & Family Social Work highlights the efforts of the National Foster Youth Demonstration Project, a project sponsored by the Employment and Training...

  • Sharing Education Data
    The Legal Center for Foster Care and Education and the Data Quality Campaign developed a factsheet about the importance of child welfare and education agencies sharing data about the school...