• August 2012
  • Vol. 13, No. 7

Spotlight on Practice Models

This month, CBX looks at practice models through the lens of implementation. Practice models vary by State or Tribe and are tailored to reflect the unique approach to child welfare that best serves the jurisdiction's children, families, and communities. Model implementation also varies in terms of size and scope. We examine the readiness, fidelity, evaluation, and sustainability issues in three practice model implementation projects in NH, OK, and WV.

  • Mapping Change in Child Welfare
    In 2009, the Osage Nation in Oklahoma applied for assistance with practice model implementation to the Mountains and Plains Child Welfare Implementation Center (MPCWIC). The Tribe and MPCWIC...

  • NH Implements Solution-Based Practice Model
    When the Northeast and Caribbean Child Welfare Implementation Center (NCIC) selected New Hampshire as an implementation project in 2009, the scope of the project was twofold: (1) implement a...

  • Safety Assessment and Management in WV
    In 2009, West Virginia's safety outcomes were poor, and the practice model used by the Bureau of Children and Families (BCF) was not working. Acceptance rates for reports to child protective...

  • NRCOI Practice Model Peer Network
    By Anne Comstock, Associate Director, National Resource Center for Organizational ImprovementThe Children's Bureau's National Resource Center for Organizational Improvement (NRCOI) is committed to...

  • Practice Model Overview
    Below is an overview of recent publications about State practice models, their implementation, or evaluation. To find more articles and publications about practice models, visit the Child Welfare...