• July 2007
  • Vol. 8, No. 6

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Improving Foster Care

As part of its Kids Are Waiting campaign, Pew Charitable Trusts has released timely publications that provide background information about children in the foster care system and the benefits of relative foster care.

Time for Reform: Too Many Birthdays in Foster Care presents an overview of the foster care system, with a particular focus on children who remain in care for a period of years. The report suggests that children would benefit from financing reforms that would give States more flexibility to use funds for preventive services or to subsidize guardianships when reunification or adoption is not possible.
kidsarewaiting.org/tools/reports/files/0005.pdf (PDF - 832 KB)

Time for Reform: Support Relatives in Providing Foster Care and Permanent Families for Children examines the benefits of relative foster care. These include increased stability, a greater likelihood of placement with siblings, and increased maintenance of community connections, compared to nonrelative foster care. The report discusses how financing reforms that provide for subsidized guardianships would allow more of these placements to become permanent.
kidsarewaiting.org/tools/reports/files/0004.pdf (PDF - 1.00 MB)

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