• June 2007
  • Vol. 8, No. 5

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Youth Permanency Voices

The latest issue of Casey Family Services' Voice focuses on families for youth in foster care, presenting a number of short articles by youth, caseworkers, parents, policymakers, administrators, and the media. Each tells his or her story from a different viewpoint, but all highlight the importance of permanency for youth. The stories illustrate that the need for a family does not end at age 18 or 21; rather, teens and young men and women still need permanent connections with caring adults.

The stories in this issue of Voice grew out of the 2006 National Convening on Youth Permanence in Washington, DC, a 4-day gathering of child welfare leaders and youth advocates. The issue is available online:

www.caseyfamilyservices.org/userfiles/voicemagazine/voice-2007-winter-spring.pdf (PDF - 776 KB)

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