• March 2006
  • Vol. 7, No. 2

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How to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

A new brochure from Stop It Now! provides guidance for parents, teachers, and others about recognizing and reporting child sexual abuse. The eight-page pamphlet uses easy-to-understand language to provide definitions of sexual abuse and community notification. It discusses the safety action plan that each family should develop to protect children.

The brochure also includes a number of checklists that can help adults detect abuse, including:

  • A list of touching and nontouching behaviors that constitute sexual abuse
  • Behavioral warning signs that a child may have been abused
  • Physical warning signs that a child may have been abused
  • Healthy sexual behaviors in children at different ages
  • Signs to watch for when adults are around children
  • Warning signs for an adult with sexual behavior problems

Prevent Child Sexual Abuse: Facts About Those Who Might Commit is available on the Stop It Now! website:

[Editor's note: This link is no longer available.]


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