• February 2006
  • Vol. 7, No. 1

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Workforce Institute Materials Online

Agencies challenged by the need to hire and retain competent and committed workers will find a number of promising practices in presentations made at the October 2005 Child Welfare Workforce Development and Workplace Enhancement Institute. The presentations and other conference materials are now available on the Child Welfare Information Gateway website in a multimedia presentation that combines video, PowerPoint, and more conventional downloads.

Sponsored by the Children's Bureau, the conference was designed to highlight strategies for recruiting and retaining a stable and highly skilled child welfare workforce. Plenary sessions and workshops featured presenters and panelists from the Federal Government, public and private agencies, universities, and other child welfare organizations.

Topics included:

  • Connecting an agency's vision and values to the workforce
  • Promising approaches to recruiting and retaining workers
  • Workforce findings from the Child and Family Services Reviews
  • Using a research-driven model in New York State
  • The role of leaders in improving workforce practices

Viewers can download the agenda, see videos of many of the sessions, and access slides through PowerPoint or PDF downloads.


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