• June/July 2003
  • Vol. 4, No. 5

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Post-Permanency Services

A new monograph from the Casey Family Programs National Center for Resource Family Support (CNC), Post-Permanency Services considers what happens to children after they achieve their permanency plans. Written by Madelyn Freundlich and Lois Wright, the monograph explores the post-permanency services and supports that are most responsive to the ongoing post-permanency needs of children and their birth, kinship, and adoptive families; and the policies, practices, and programs key to ensuring successful post-permanency.

Part of a larger post-permanency initiative being developed by CNC, this volume:

  • Examines what is currently known and believed about post-permanency services.
  • Draws upon theory to explain why permanency is such a difficult arrangement to sustain.
  • Offers a guiding philosophy and conceptual framework that aids in examining current practice and structuring future thinking.
  • Provides a practical discussion of how post-permanency services may be used and suggests next steps.

More information about the publication and a downloadable pdf version can be found on the Casey Family Programs website at www.casey.org/Resources/Publications/PostPermanency.htm.

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