• March 2000
  • Vol. 1, No. 1

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Trauma, Violence, and Abuse: A Review Journal

January 2000, Vol. 1, Number 1. Sage Publications, Inc. Quarterly. 110 pages. $61 a year for individuals, $198 a year for institutions.

This peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal debuted in January to focus on "organizing, synthesizing, and expanding knowledge on all forms of trauma, abuse, and violence." The first issue includes articles on treating traumatized children and physical punishment and abuse by parents.

In explaining the reasons for the start-up, Editor John R. Conte of the University of Washington points to an "explosion" of interest and research in the fields of child abuse, trauma, and violence over the last 20 years and a concurrent blurring of disciplinary demarcations among these fields.

Along with articles examining research, theory, and case law, the quarterly journal will regularly spotlight different perspectives on topical issues in its "Hot Topics" section--this issue takes a point-counterpoint look at sexual predator laws. The journal also encourages readers to pose questions about practice and research and suggest experts who could provide answers for its "Because You Asked" department. Other regular features are book, media, and product reviews.

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