• May 2021
  • Vol. 22, No. 5

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Tips for Foster Parents Who Work Full Time

"Can I be a foster parent if I work full-time?" The creator of the A Fostered Life blog and podcast, Christy Tennant Krispin, is asked this question all the time. During a weekly foster parent coaching call, she interviewed a single woman who was a foster parent for over 10 years while also working full time as a teacher. This former foster parent shared her experience and offered tips to help other parents who work full time be able to successfully foster and help the children in their care thrive. A subsequent blog post, "8 Tips for Foster Parents Who Work Full-Time," outlined the following tips addressed in the coaching call:

  • Choose an age demographic that complements your schedule.
  • Consider opening your home to siblings.
  • Involve your support system.
  • Maintain a structured life, especially at bedtime.
  • Find ways to free up your time, such as hiring a house cleaner and having groceries delivered.
  • Find before-school activities, such as running clubs, and limit excess after-school extracurricular activities since family visitation and other required meetings often occur in the afternoons.
  • Take some vacation days for your own mental health.
  • Get to know the school principal and staff well and communicate with them often.


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