• September/October 2001
  • Vol. 2, No. 5

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The Market Forces in Adoption

//Adoption and Ethics//. Freundlich, M. Volume 2. Child Welfare League of America, Inc., Washington, DC. 2000. 147 pp. $18.95. Paperback.

Shifting demographics in adoption are raising questions about money and power in the adoption business, as well as the responsibility and accountability of adoption placement professionals. The author addresses concerns about the commodification of parentless children, increasing costs that are affecting who can afford to adopt, power issues in the adoption triad, and the effects of these market forces on ethical adoption practice. These issues are discussed in the contexts of infant adoption, international adoption, and special needs adoption. Finally, the author explores ethical issues in adoption marketing practices in the contexts of advertising for infants by prospective parents; advertising of children in need of adoption; and advertising by adoption service providers to attract business.

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