• September 2018
  • Vol. 19, No. 7

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What Families Need to Know About Opioid Misuse and Treatment During Pregnancy

Opioid use continues to be an issue throughout the nation, affecting families in all socioeconomic levels and in all parts of the country. It is important for those struggling with opioid use disorder to receive the support they need from the important people in their lives in addition to any professional help they may require, especially during pregnancy. The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids has created a guide for expectant mothers with opioid use disorders and their families to help with prenatal care, delivery, newborn health, breastfeeding, social supports, and what to expect after delivery.

This resource aims to help expectant women and their families by first acknowledging the difficult feelings one can have during pregnancy, especially if a woman has mixed feelings about being pregnant and having a child. Each section provides actionable tips on what can be done, such as making an appointment with a mental health professional during times of depression and anxiety or being mindful of not using judgmental language when speaking to the mother.

The latter half of the guide shifts to how to provide support after the baby is delivered, including a brief overview on neonatal abstinence syndrome and an emphasis on the need to continue supporting the mother in the weeks and months after the delivery.

Pregnancy & Opioids: What Families Need to Know About Opioid Misuse and Treatment During Pregnancy is available at https://drugfree.org/download/pregnancy-opioids/.

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