• December 2015
  • Vol. 16, No. 9

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New Blog Series Raises Awareness About Girls' Aggression

The Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare launched a new blog series to raise awareness about issues related to and interventions for addressing aggression in girls involved with child welfare. The Girls Aggression and Child Welfare Social Work Blog Series aims to build child welfare workers' capacity to provide leadership in working with these young people; however, the information provided is also helpful to other service providers, teachers, and parents.

Aggression is a well-documented byproduct of complex trauma experienced by children and youth involved in the approximately 1 million substantiated cases of child abuse and neglect each year. The accompanying abandonment and loss that comes with complex trauma, in combination with physical and verbal abuse, puts these young people at risk for behaving aggressively. The blog series suggests that the aggression shown by young girls needs to be addressed effectively at a younger age. If aggressive behavior receives little or no corrective attention, and it travels with girls into adulthood, they may harm their children, other family members, and people in their neighborhoods and communities.

The blog series focuses on girls' aggression because, previously, the national spotlight had been focused on boys, and public policies and programs have been developed to address boys' aggression. The blogs are based on building trust and supportive communities that create conditions where girls feel respected and understood. Topics explored in the 13-part series include the following:

  • Blog 1: Worthlessness and Self-Compassion
  • Blog 2: Girls' Aggression: An Overview
  • Blog 3: Types of Aggression: Instrumental and Reactive
  • Blog 4: Types of Aggression: Non-Contact and Contact Aggression
  • Blog 5: Girls' Relational Aggression: Targets of the Aggression
  • Blog 6: Relational Aggression: Girls Who Perpetrate
  • Blog 7: Girls' Aggression, Executive Function, and Self-Regulation
  • Blog 8: Antonia: A Case Study That Illustrates Executive Function and Self-Regulation
  • Blog 9: Differential Assessment
  • Blog 10: Relational Interviews and Relationship-Based Interventions
  • Blog 11: Group Work Based on Relationship-Based Practice
  • Blog 12: Relationship-Based Intervention Programs
  • Blog 13: Systems Change Through Relational Interviews

Each blog in the series is available on the Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare at http://cascw.umn.edu/category/featured/.

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