• February 2013
  • Vol. 14, No. 1

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Working With Polyvictimized Children

The Safe Start Center, a National Resource Center for Children's Exposure to Violence, released a new tip sheet, Tips for Staff and Advocates Working With Children Polyvictimization. This tip sheet aims to create a greater emphasis on community-based partnerships as a way to offer early intervention services and prevent children's exposure to multiple episodes of victimization.

In addition to providing tips for those who work with victimized children, the resource presents common warning signs of exposure to violence in children and teenagers in three age categories—children age 5 and younger, elementary school-age children, and teenagers. Definitions of polyvictimization and posttraumatic stress are also provided.

Tips for Staff and Advocates Working With Children Polyvictimization is available on the Safe Start Center's website:

http://www.safestartcenter.org/pdf/Tipsheet_Polyvictimization.pdf (857 KB)

For more information about the Safe Start Center, visit its website:


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