• December 2012/January 2013
  • Vol. 13, No. 11

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Resources for Combating Exposure to Violence

Millions of children are exposed to home, school, and community violence in the United States. If unaddressed, exposure to violence can interfere with a child's physical, emotional, and intellectual development. To combat this issue, schools need reliable information and straight-forward tools.

Safe Start Center's Toolkit for Schools is a collection of resources designed to teach school faculty about children's exposure to violence, its negative repercussions, and what can be done to help. The toolkit includes the following:

  • Tips for teachers
  • Tips for agencies and staff working with youth
  • Tips for agencies working with immigrant families
  • A guide for families about recognizing the signs of exposure to violence and tips for helping children recover
  • Three issue briefs from the Moving from Evidence to Action series focused on understanding children's exposure to violence

Safe Start Center's Toolkit for Schools is available on the Safe Start Center's website:


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