• December 2012/January 2013
  • Vol. 13, No. 11

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Talking to Children About Adoption

Adoption from a child's point of view can be a confusing and difficult experience. The Kinship Center released a new tip sheet that offers practical advice on how to introduce and discuss a child's adoption story in positive, age-appropriate ways. The author, an adoptive mother and trainer in the areas of grief, loss, and trauma, shares some tips for promoting and maintaining open and direct communication around a child's background and adoption details.

In particular, this tip sheet emphasizes the following key themes:

  • Start talking to your child about adoption from a very early age
  • Be truthful and honest in your discussions without replacing missing facts
  • Reach out to other adoptive parents, significant other, or adoption professionals for support
  • Recognize your own biases and areas of discomfort concerning adoption issues
  • Place the responsibility for stressful events or experiences on the adults involved
  • Take good care of your physical and emotional health as you allow a child to express his grief

Your Child's Story: Tips From An Adoptive Parent by Debbie Shugg is available online on the ATTACh website:  

http://www.attach.org/resources/forms/conference/2012/diaz/your_childs_story_tips_adoptive_parent.pdf (325 - KB)

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