• October 2012
  • Vol. 13, No. 9

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Selecting and Working With a Therapist

Child Welfare Information Gateway recently updated its publication Selecting and Working With a Therapist Skilled in Adoption. This factsheet for families offers information on different types of therapy and suggestions for finding a therapist who will meet adoptive families' unique needs. The factsheet also outlines the varied approaches to therapy, treatment settings, and provides guidance on how families should work with therapists. A list of national resource organizations is also provided. 

Definitions for the different types of therapy professionals are provided, from pediatricians or family practice physicians to psychiatrists and clinical psychologists. In addition, the factsheet informs parents about situations and treatments that should be avoided. For instance, treatments that prevent parental participation are discouraged. In fact, some States have enacted statutes prohibiting these treatments for children in the care or custody of a public agency.

Selecting and Working With a Therapist Skilled in Adoption is available for download on the Child Welfare Information Gateway website:


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