• October 2012
  • Vol. 13, No. 9

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Infant Mental Health Newsletter

The Michigan Association for Infant Public Health has published its winter edition of The Infant Crier. This season's edition focuses on adoption and foster care, with articles centered on the themes of loss and adoption, trauma in young children, and diversity in child protective services.

Two articles focus on the theme of loss and adoption. The first discusses "adoption ghosts," events from the past that may influence experiences of grief, loss, guilt, and the pressure of perfection. The second article on adoption and loss discusses fear and the length of time and amount of trust required to help a newly adopted child feel protected. A clinical article highlights the importance of relationship-based work and the promotion of healthy social emotional development in young children and their families.

The Infant Crier is available on the Michigan Association for Infant Public Health website:

http://www.mi-aimh.org/documents/infant_crier_winter_2012.pdf (2 MB)

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