• October 2012
  • Vol. 13, No. 9

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Casey Connects

The spring 2012 issue of Casey Connects from the Annie E. Casey Foundation focuses on reducing the use of congregate care. The article "Reducing Congregate Care" looks at Casey's Child Welfare Strategy Group, which has helped Louisiana, Maryland, Maine, New York City, and Virginia transition youth from congregate care to family settings and includes the story of a youth who is preparing to be adopted after having spent several years in group care. The article also highlights the negative impact of long-term congregate care on youth and State child welfare systems.

Another article highlights the Casey Lifelong Families model. The story is centered on the Brochero family and how the tools and trainings they received as part of the Lifelong Families model helped them connect with two girls with special needs, whom they are preparing to adopt. Other articles highlight recent research on teenage brain development and an interview with researcher and University of Chicago Associate Professor Gina Miranda Samuels. Samuels explains her views and opinions on permanence and what it really means to a child or youth.

To view the spring issue of Casey Connects, visit the Annie E. Casey Foundation website:


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