• June 2011
  • Vol. 12, No. 5

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Abandoned Infants Assistance Programs Profiled

The National Abandoned Infants Assistance (AIA) Resource Center provides training, information, support, and resources to child welfare practitioners who work with children who are abandoned or at-risk of abandonment because of substance abuse and/or HIV/AIDS in their families. In addition, the AIA Resource Center provides training and support to 17 AIA projects in 12 States and the District of Columbia funded by the Children's Bureau. AIA Project Profiles for 2011 reports on currently funded AIA projects with summaries of each program's history, service delivery models, staffing, community collaboration, evaluation process, and contact information.

For example, the Family Ties Project (FTP) in Washington, DC, started in 1996 and is connected to multiple social service agencies. It provides permanency planning, legal services, mental health referrals, youth development services, and more to families affected by HIV/AIDS. In Grand Rapids, MI, the Mission Inn offers wraparound services to impoverished families and to low-income mothers and their young children, some in rural areas, who are affected by methamphetamine use.

The report also includes a list of journal articles, guides, book chapters, and other publications produced by or concerning the AIA projects. Access the report from the AIA Resource Center website:

http://aia.berkeley.edu/media/pdf/AIAProjectProfiles2011_ver16_Color.pdf (1,167 KB)

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